Greetings From All Family Dental


Whenever individuals ask us to summarize our dental practice, it’s occasionally easier to start by explaining what we aren’t. We’re not one of those fancy cosmetic dentistry St. Paul dental spa boutiques. Neither are we a fast-paced dental clinic trying to cram as numerous individuals as we can into each day.

What we happen to be is a partner which you can rely on to thoroughly evaluate as well as share along with you the condition of your oral health. We do not push you straight into almost any treatment. We provide you with options and you decide what your things for dental care happen to be. Then we come together to accomplish precisely what you would like.

Some of our patients have had poor experiences along with dentists before and so we’re very conscientious about making our own patients as comfortable as possible. We provide various degrees of sedation if that is the thing you need. We treat a single patient at any given time and we treat them just like family.

We possess a total variety of services ranging from your normal check up to a full smile makeover. No matter what your requirements, Dr. Timm plus the personnel at All Family Dental of St. Paul are prepared to help. Simply click any of the links below to read much more with regards to the services and solutions we have to offer:









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